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Smart Bottle Thermos

Beautiful, colorful, functional and ecological, with  hermetic cap and touch sensitive LCD screen to indicate  the temperature of the liquid contained inside.

500 ml capacity, keeps drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours.


For many it represents an ethical choice, for some a lifestyle, for others a fashion, but one thing is certain, the use of water bottles  thermals in steel is a growing phenomenon,

and now  they are not only used when you are outdoors or playing sports, but also at home, in the office or at school.

Thanks to greater sensitivity and attention to environmental issues, more and more people are choosing the bottle  thermal. 




Why eliminate plastic bottles from our life?

Plastic is a big problem for the planet linked not only to the production, waste disposal, transport of bottled water, but also to the consequent ecological disaster that is happening under the eyes of all in our seas, as shown by the gigantic floating plastic islands. It turns out to be a problem, far from negligible for public health, in fact microplastics, from the sea, through fish, enter our food chain.



The thermal bottle is essential when doing sports, hiking, or traveling, is  become  over time an inseparable companion for the student or employee, and for all those people who have understood the convenience and economic benefits  in using a reusable thermal bottle, in addition to the ethical importance of its use as a thermal bottle allows you to contain your negative impact on the environment.

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Always keep the temperature under control  


The ONEGERPRO Smart thermal bottles in addition to being refined and elegant

to be used anywhere and on every occasion, they have been created  to improve the well-being of the person, limit the use of plastic bottles and protect the environment around us.

Our URBAN Smart bottles contain 500 ml and thanks to the double insulation chamber keeps hot drinks up to  12 hours and cold up to 24 hours.

The cap with touch sensitive LCD screen hermetically closes the bottle  indicating the temperature of the liquid contained inside and you can use it as an infuser for tea / coffee thanks to the internal filter supplied.

The  water bottles  thermal  ONEGERPRO URBAN are made of double-chamber stainless steel, the  best solution, and the best materials for storing drinks. The ONEGERPRO thermal bottles are shockproof and coated with an elegant soft touch material and you can use it  several times without the steel of the inner lining deforming or rusting, leaving  unaltered the organoleptic properties of the liquid contained within it. 

Elegant, Beautiful, Eco-sustainable

color your lif e


Available in four elegant colors, useful on every occasion while practicing your sport, during your excursions / trips in the mountains, to bring you hot / cold drinks at work, to school, and always and everywhere be sure to have your drink available favorite  

protecting yourself and the environment by reducing costs and environmental impact.

Unique and resistant lightweight 

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