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Onegearpro is the new reference brand for video and photo shooting lovers,

Offering professional solutions for every shooting need.


Onegearpro was founded in 2016 by a team of operators with over 25 years of experience in the Consumer electronics/ Professional video and Photo solution sector, with the aim of distinguishing itself thanks to the quality and innovation of its products, the healthy madness of its ideas and the strength of their values.


A new way to capture your world and share your emotions

Onegearpro proposes a line  of products designed and created thinking about the needs of free spirits and dreamers, for those who love to live and share their life in all its forms and expressions, even the most extreme.


Onegearpro with its products represents the new frontier of new generation technological innovation with solutions designed and created thinking of those who need to capture and share the memories of their travels, the time spent with friends and the family, or while practicing sports, even the most extreme, for Vloggers, influencers and for video shooting enthusiasts in situations and perspectives never imagined before.


Extreme Reliability!

Performance that goes beyond Action cameras

Thanks to our video/photo cameras you will be able to share in real time, in addition to your extreme performances, also the joy of moments spent playing with your children, the videos of your holidays or your travels,le sensations you feel while practicing your favorite sport, unique moments to keep and sharewith those who love your passions.


Elegance, quality & style

Onegearpro products enhance the lifestyle of those who live in our time because they are designed to be practical and usable everywhere, without compromise and without having& never giving up one style.

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