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Write to us  to request assistance by filling out the form below and entering as much information as possible,  we will reply as soon as possible .

Onegearpro  Italia informs Consumers that the commercial or conventional guarantee conditions set out below are without prejudice to the rights envisaged in favor of the Consumer by the provisions of the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree 206/2005).
To be able to use the assistance service free of charge, the product must be covered by a guarantee. In order to verify this circumstance, Onegearpro
  Italia, at any time, may request the purchase document of the product. In case of non-availability of this document, assistance will be considered out of warranty and therefore the service will be considered to be charged to the Customer
  Italy  recognizes the conventional guarantee towards final consumers for all Onegearpro brand products purchased within the European Economic Area and in the territory of Switzerland (“Europe”). End consumers will be able to request warranty service throughout Europe. The applicable warranty conditions (warranty validity period and envisaged remedies) will be those in force in the country in which the warranty service is requested. This is a conventional guarantee given by the producer additional rights with respect to the legal one that binds the seller and therefore does not affect the consumer's rights under the legal guarantee of conformity of consumer goods provided for by articles 128 and following of the Consumer Code (D .lgs. 206/2005).
In order to request service under this warranty, the final consumer must provide the original proof of purchase (for example when the product was originally sold to the consumer). Additional or improved conditions with respect to the conditions of the conventional guarantee specifically provided in one country cannot be requested in different countries

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