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EIS SIX -AXIS + GYROSCOPE image stabilizer, 30 m underwater case (included), 170 ° shooting angle,  2.0 color display ", SOFT TOUCH ABS machine body,  maximum heat dissipation, Lithium battery 1300mah with second generation low-power technology which increases its life by 30%, Manual Fish-eye elimination system, 2.4GHz dual-mode 5GHz WiFi / to download and share videos in your smartphone in less than 10 seconds.

Remote control start recording and stop, photo shooting 


  • Chipset : AllwinnerV316

  • Sensor : CMOS SENSOR : SONY IMX 386

  • VIDEO RESOLUTION EIS 4K-60fps / 4K30fps EIS/2.7K30vfps/ 1080p120fps/ EIS 1080p100fps/ 720 240fps

  • Video format : H.264 codec MOV 

  • Photo 24M/12M/10M/8M/5M@JPEG

  • Shooting angle 170°

  • Lens :7G+IR Aperture F2.8 Focus 2.68mm

  • Memory : Micro SD up to 64GB

  •  Display  LCD 2.0

  •  Waterproof depth 30M (with case supplied) 

  • Wifi point to point built-in Wi-Fi module( 802.11b/g/n)/ Range 15/20m

  • Remote Control2.4G Remote 20/30mt

  • EIS stabilizer  SIX-Axis Gyroscope.

  • Italian/multilingual menu

  • Rechargeable 1050mAh lithium battery

  • HDMI : Micro Type-D 5pin 

  • Usb connection : Micro Usb 2.0 5 pin

  • Power Supply: 5V2A

  • Wifi: 2.4G/5G (802.11A/B/G/N)

  • Italian/English/French/German/Spanish/Portuguese menu

  • Memory : MicroSD 32GB /64GB max (optional)

  • Frequency : 50Hz/60Hz

  • Operating System : Windows 7.8X10/OSXversion10.8a or higher

  • Smartphone App  : Included

  • Measurements: 5.9X25.00X4.1 mm

  • Weight :57 grams Battery included 

Over the sky or under water,No problem
Whether your need is registered
are high-flying videos or do
snorkeling freely without worries, you can
use your EXPLORER 4K 
at 40  meters thanks to the supplied waterproof case,
unleashing your desire for adventure.

Impossible overheating
Camera body entirely in alloy  of  metal to ensure solidity
and impact resistance and to ensure better

thermal conductivity and increased heat dissipation
preserving the device, keeping it in a state
optimal by preventing breakdowns or damage due to use
prolonged or use in situations with high

stable like a Gimbal
Stabilizer with integrated six-axis gyro, which
uses the intelligent dynamic algorithm EIS STABILIZATION 
greatly reduce the blurring effect
images caused by vibration, jolts and shocks
just as if the camera were mounted on a
Advanced professional stabilization to create video footage
even more fluid and defined. Allows the acquisition of images
and video without the annoying jitter created by shooting
in motion and gives images greater sharpness
compared to a photo or video taken without this system
latest generation that exploits the full power of the gyroscope a
6 axes and accelerometer that detects the position and attenuates the
changes when the camcorder is subjected to jolts or vibrations.

Action cam  onegearpro

Distortion correction  fisheye effect
 Lens distortion is a common phenomenon in photography which typically occurs when use wide-angle lenses, the Elite 4K pro is equipped of an automatic and manual correction system  and  removal of the  fisheye effect for perfect shots and photos every time.

Enjoy the charm of night shooting 

With an aperture/focal aperture ofF2.8, you can make excellent video shooting even of night, underwater or in low light situations.

7 layer lens

optical system with 7 anti-reflection lenses, to ensure sharp images and colors ensuring better transmission and images making them more detailed and rich in color thanks to better light management.

Camera angle 170°

In order not to miss a single detail, guaranteeing a wide shooting range and a complete vision of your performances in action

Time Lapse video function 

Time lapse is a filming technique that has the ability to quickly show events that require longer intervals through accelerated editing.

Slow motion

 You can make videos using the image reproduction technique that significantly decreases the number of frames per minute second, giving the impression of a noticeable slowing down of the action.  

Photo Multisequence ( Brust photo )

 The  "Multisequence photo" mode allows you to reproduce  a sequence of photos captured as a sequence  video. 

Action cam  onegearpro

to manage and share videos and photos in real time. allows you to play  and share from your smartphone a sequence of photos captured as a sequence  video, so you can choose the most beautiful frames to post on social networks. point to point built-in Wi-Fi module Raggio 




Elegant, small and discreet

To be used anywhere and placed anywhere

Quality, performance and elegance: these are the best terms to describe the new line of video cameras / compact cameras by Onegearpro, created to accompany you on your travels, the ideal and discreet companion to capture and share your passions.


Ideal to be used on any situation 

Onegerpro Personal cams are the evolution of the concept of video/photo and Action camera In addition to being able to be used as excellent Action cams, they have been created and designed to be suitable for every use, thanks to the extreme quality of the stabilization with which they are equipped; and to the quality and reliability of the components that make them in all respects precious video/photo cameras to be used; in every situation even the most extreme thanks to the protective case.

Onegearpro personal cams are ideal for use during your travels, holidays, work, leisure, transportable anywhere thanks to their small size, usable and positionable anywhere thanks to the wide range of accessories  available.



Our action cameras are equipped with advanced processors that allow you to make 4K footage with real frame numbers to allow you to make professional video footage with sharp colors without giving never of your performance in action


break Dancer






Professional sound quality

Advanced noise reduction

EXPLORER 4K  is equipped with a technology for the reduction of noise for cleaner, more realistic sound by canceling any interference and annoying background noise. 


External microphone (optional)

You can connect an external microphone to record music and sounds with greater depth quality and color.

Remote control 20 MT

Convenient to turn on/off recording  without having to act on the cam, ideal when the cam is fixed to the helmet, on selfie sticks, or to take self-timer photos.







Dynamic menu with icons 

Simple and intuitive menu to change the settings quickly and precisely 

Unmatched performance 

 The best components on the market, for unique, unique and unmatched performance 

Camera angle 170°

In order not to miss a single detail, guaranteeing a wide shooting range and a complete vision of your performances in action


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