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FIDO SMART alarm is a line of passive personal defense devices or help/rescue requests designed to safeguard one safety in the event of aggression, and to attract the attention of passers-by in the event of illness, accident or investment.

FIDO personal alarm has been designed to emit a very powerful sound signal of such intensity as to oblige the attacker to give up his intention, or in any case to move away immediately, and attract the attention of passers-by or the forces of order. FIDO SMART alarm is one of the most effective and safe passive personal defense systems on the market because it is easy and immediate to use unlike other active defense systems which involve risks during use.


ideal protection for the whole family

Unfortunately the constant growth in cases of violence against women, gender-based assaults, thefts, bullying, muggings etc.highlight the importance of adopting all kinds of precautions in order to minimize the risks associated with these issues.

Recent studies show how to flee and scream attracting the attention of passers-by ,remain the two factors that more than any other  more than 90% of the cases of attacks prevented ) succeed in frustrating an attempted attack .For this reason the FIDO line  they are the ideal solution for those who want to always have a self-defense device that is simple to use and effective with them without having to resort to offense devices  (such as sprays) which can be difficult and risky to use


FIDO in addition to an effective anti-aggression alarm it is an intelligent and effective system to call attention and be rescued in case of illness, accident  or need help. Useful for students, adolescents, elderly people, single people or children  in case of accidental removal  from parents, sportsmen and hikers for be located quickly by the emergency services in the event of an accident or sudden illness.

A personal safety device to always carry with you everywhere  comfortably around your neck 

 or using it as a key ring or attaching it  to the zip of your bag or backpack

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Violence against women: ​

70% of adolescent girls between the ages of 14 and 18 declare that they have suffered sexual harassment and appreciation in public places, 64% have felt uncomfortable due to the advances of a reference adult On the occasion of the World Day against Violence against Women, Save the Children announces the results of a survey conducted on its own behalf by Ipsos on a sample of adolescents aged between 14 and 18 in Italy. It is necessary to invest in protection systems, but above all in an education that eliminates the gap in opportunities between the two sexes that generates stereotypes and ultimately violence against women. ALARMING DATA Almost 1 in 5 respondents (18%) directly witnessed an episode in which a friend was the victim of a form of violence (with a percentage reaching 26% in the north-east of the country), and in 83% of cases there has been an intervention on the episode, either directly or by asking for the help of an adult or the police. However, in almost one out of ten cases (9%) fear prevented any type of intervention.

When deterrence is important

in case of aggression, attempted theft or harassment it is essential to dissuade the aggressor with passive systems to avoid violent reactions and attract the attention of other people to induce the attacker to desist from his intent, or in any case to leave immediately. Recent studies show how running away and yelling attracting the attention of passers-by remain the two factors which more than any other (in over 90% of cases of foiled attacks) manage to frustrate an attempted attack. For this reason the FIDO line SMART & FIDO SMART PLUS are the ideal solution for those who want to always have a simple to use and effective personal defense device with them without having to resort to offensive devices (such as stinging spray) which can be difficult and risky to use. ​ ALARMING DATA 31.5% of 16-70 year olds (6 million 788 thousand) have suffered some form of physical or sexual violence in the course of their life: 20.2% (4 million 353 thousand) have suffered physical violence, 21% (4 million 520 thousand) sexual violence, 5.4% (1 million 157 thousand) the most serious forms of sexual violence such as rape (652 thousand) and attempted rape (746 thousand).


Quando la dissuasione e' importante 

in caso di Aggressione, tentativo di Furto o molestie è fondamentale dissuadere l' aggressore con sistemi passivi per evitare reazioni violente ed attirare l' attenzione di altre persone per indurre il malintenzionato a desistere dal proprio intento, o comunque allontanarsi immediatamente.

Recenti  studi evidenziano come fuggire ed urlare attirando l‘attenzione dei passanti ,  rimangono i due fattori che più di ogni altro  ( in  oltre il  90% dei casi di aggressioni sventate )  riescono a rendere vano un tentativo di aggressione .Per questo motivo la linea FIDO SMART & FIDO SMART PLUS  sono la soluzione  ideale  per chi  desidera avere  sempre  con sé un dispositivo  di difesa  personale  semplice da usare ed efficace  senza  dover  ricorrere  dispositivi di offesa  ( come spray  urticante ) che possono essere di difficile e rischioso utilizzo.


Il 31,5% delle 16-70enni (6 milioni 788 mila) ha subìto nel corso della propria vita una qualche forma di violenza fisica o sessuale: il 20,2% (4 milioni 353 mila) ha subìto violenza fisica, il 21% (4 milioni 520 mila) violenza sessuale, il 5,4% (1 milione 157 mila) le forme più gravi della violenza sessuale come lo stupro (652 mila) e il tentato stupro (746 mila).


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